Making the most of your Bridal makeup trial

So you've booked in your makeup trial! Exciting! Here we have a few tips and things to think about it to help you (and us) get the most out of your trial.

1. Wear white/light coloured clothing.

Wearing your favouirite red top is going to do nothing for your bridal makeup. If your wedding dress is white, wear white on your trial. Makes sence right? You will get a much better idea of how the makeup will look against your dress this way.

2. Have your hair & makeup trial on the same day

This may not always be possible, but if some miracle, you, your makeup artist, and your hairdresser are all free on the same day, take advantage of this! You hair and makeup will work together so its a great opportunity to get a glimpse of what you will look like on the day in all your glory!

3. Book a morning Appointment

Again, not always possible, but try to book your trial in the morning (or at least in the day time) this is for a couple of reasons. a) day light is your best friend. It will be hard for both the makeup artist and you to see the makeup properly in artifical light. b) you want to be able to keep your makeup on for as long as possible to see how it wears. On the big day you will have your makeup on for 10 hours plus! You need to make sure your foundation wont be slipping or your eyeliner running! Having your trial at 8pm isn't benificial for anyone.

4. Do some research

Show your makeup artist some photos of the kind of thing you like. Be realisitic and look for photos of makeup on people with similar skin tone and colouring to you. If you cant find any photos then just have a think about what you like and dont like before your trial. What colours do you like to wear on your eyes? Smokey or subtle? Strip lashes or individual? Red lip or nude?

We of course are the experts but we can't read your mind. Let us know if you have a signature eyeliner flick that you always wear, or if you always rock a red lip. Let us know what makes you YOU, so we can incorporate this in to your wedding day makeup.

5. Take lots of photos

Take as many photots as you can of your makeup. These will show you what your makeup will show up like on the millions of photos that will be taken of you on the day. Take some in natural day light, some with the flash on your camera. If you've kept your makeup on all day then take a few when its been on for a few hours to see how it is holding up!

6. Spray tan

If your planning on fake tanning on your wedding day, then definitely get the fake tan on or book in your spray tan for your trial too. We all know how much difference a tan makes! It will give you a much better idea of what the makeup will look like on the day.

7. Be honest

if you dont like something, say! Its only makeup, its nothing that cant be changed. Weather you want to try on 10 different lipsticks, or want to switch from a smokey eye to winged eyeliner, let us know! This is what your trial is for, to experient and find your perfect look. I promise we wont be offended if you want to change something!

8. Have fun

The most imporant one! Sit back, relax and enjoy it!


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